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Release date Jan 29, 2019

Another Beautiful Nightmare - A Women in Horror Anthology

Published by Vamptasy Publishing

Witches brew and demons howl
Vampires lurk and zombies scowl
Full moon rising over shadow and sin
Thick fog and whispers on the wind
Welcome to our Beautiful Nightmare...again.

   A Spirit's Last Gift - A Winter Novella 

I enjoyed creating this world for Juslynn. It's hard facing emotions you feel maybe unrequited. But is staying silent really being true to yourself?

This was supposed to be a standalone novella but I've had a few readers ask if there could possibly be more to Juslynn and Carter's story. My answer ... "Mmmaaayyybbbeee."

I hope you'll enjoy the trailer for A Spirit's Last Gift. Let me know if you liked it by clicking the thumbs up on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. x.x

In Las Vegas, Nevada, a reaper stands in the shadows of the glowing UMC emergency lights. As Tevin prepares to harvest one soul, he senses something amiss; the child Vessel just addressed her reaper by his name.
Ten years later, Alexcia Crystalline Stasis is the only survivor of a fatal car accident. As her night-terrors grow, she is concerned about her sanity.
Can Tevin keep Alexcia safe as the Unseen search for her, or will his daemonic nature revert to claim her soul?

To Keep Death's Vow - Book Two The Unseen Series released for download(eReaders) on 2/23/18.

This has been a learning experience. Every time I thought, this is it, I'm ready to publish, something happened to hinder the process. I must apologize, at the end of the trailer it says, "releasing Spring of 2017". I even made up a bunch of bookmarks and postcards with that same statement. Well, now it is 2018 and I believe it is finally ready to be published. I am going through my edits with my amazing editor, Amber Hassler, and so far, it's a go. And as a  present to myself, the release date will be on my birthday, Feb 23, 2018. Swinging Scythes, it is about time. I would be the prefect author for a panel for "what not to do while trying to publish your story". (LOL) Look for new teasers and release event information soon. 

Lurking in the Mind

15 Novellas and short stories to make you sleep with the lights on. In 2017, Lurking in the Mind was a International Book Awards Finalist & a Best Book Awards Winner. I'm so honored to be one of the authors in this horror/thriller anthology and my story, When Emily was Here, was a pleasure to create. "Yeah, that does seem a little twisted." (lol) Right now the download in only 99 pennies on Amazon.

Character Illustrations & Vlog Tutorials by Monique Renee 

Moniques Renee has done it again. I'm so pleased with how she has bought to life one of my favorite characters.

Take One.

Due to a "Cat"astrophe.


It is totally worth your time to watch how she brings to like Maryanna's dark side.

It was so much fun to hang out with her and everyone who stopped by to watch her art stream.

Monique Renee's rendition of Maryanna's Innocence. Character illustration inspired by Maryanna's Mirror.

It's taken a while to tap into Maryanna's evil side. But, it was well worth the wait. I can feel and see her shock, terror, and torment.

You can view more of her work on Etsy. From Nov through Dec her shop will be closed due to moving. Check back here for updates. She will open her store again in Jan 2020, and will also be taking

First Character drawing; Alexcia.

Meet Alexcia, my broken teenager.

Those of you who have won my swag packs will recognize this fan art. In 2015, Monique was sitting at my kitchen table as I was telling her about  my Unseen Series antagonist, Alexcia. What I didn't know was that she was sketching her out on a napkin. I freaked out when I saw her rendition of Alexcia. This is her to a tee. She is my broken doll and I can't wait to write out her journey with Tevin.  

Unseen Coloring Book Update

Since we've had a few hiccups and health issues, we have decided to push out the date to the summer of 2020. This will cover Tevin and his clan, Alexcia and her poems, quotes, and short stories.

Coming in 2020

Oct 2017

Grim Reaper Inktober + Interview with Author Kathy Lynn Cross // Vlogoween Day 6

(She is drawing my protagonist, Tevin from the Unseen Series.)

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"Hope you guys enjoyed this inktober drawing to go along with the interview from author Kathy-Lynn Cross! Show her some love, fairy fam!"
Happy Vlogoween 2017!
Monique Renee Art


Novel Illustration | So Shall I Reap + Interview with Kathy-Lynn Cross

My niece, Monique Renee, interviewed me on her channel over a year ago, 2/2016. She made me a beautiful illustration of Alexcia on a notebook. I was getting over a cold and wasn't really prepared. If you watch this, watch for her artwork. (lol) 

     Speed Art     

This video was made over three years ago. WOW, how time flies. My niece started creating my characters after she read So Shall I Reap. This picture should look familiar since I use it in my swag packs. (And each one is autographed by her.) Over the years she has reached new heights and I'll have updated fan art this spring. If you watched the Inktober video, that is the new picture of Tevin.

Sonnet - A Multimedia Illustration

This drawing was done over 3 years ago. Monique was inspired by my character Sonnet, from my short story, Within a Grain of Sand. The story is featured in the anthology, Twists in Time. Nine authors came together to write different twists on time travel. This was my first published story and I am sitting on the idea of expanding her universe in 2020. Look for Sonnet's debut novel, Without My Wings - A Lost Memories Series.

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