I was born in Pomona, California, and I lived there for twelve years. A few years later my family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I reside today. My recent work was inspired by the backdrop of Sin City. To this day, I use my college English professor’s advice and write a little about what I know, and then add my twisted imagination to my writing.

      I wasn’t always a writer. In 2008, when my niece was hospitalized, I decided to do something special and wrote a short tale for her to read. After consuming it in a single day, my niece and some of the nurses, in the pediatrics wing, asked, “What’s next?” I was at a turning point in my life, and this opened up a new chapter. I knew then I wanted to write but also to strive to be something different by becoming a Storyweaver.

     I love the color red and obsessively use it in everything, including my bottle-blond hair accented with red highlights. As a pastime, I love to bake and dabble in cake decorating—that is when my fingers are not busy writing mayhem. My favorite pass time is spent on rainy days, when I can sit in my comfy sweats, wrapped up in my favorite blanket, with a cup of vanilla coffee and a story from my TBR list. But, when I need to step away from my writing, I’ll spend time with my husband of twenty-six years, our kids, and three cats.

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