"When the Unseen turn dreams inside out, they become nightmares,"

The reaper is back… with reinforcements!


With the aid of his clan, protecting the Child-of-Balance should be as easy as severing a soul, right? Wrong! With both Bond-Rites hanging over his cloak and the Unseen closing in on Alexcia, Tevin finds his control is decomposing faster than a sunbaked corpse. As tensions build between the clans, the last thing he wants to admit is guarding Alexcia has turned into an addiction… and what’s worse… he digs it!

Alexcia Stasis, on the other hand, is having a hard time accepting the role of survivor after a fatal accident that claimed her boyfriend. And now her best friend—Jake Steal—is sparking unwelcome emotions she’s tried to keep buried. But as the nightmares begin to crawl from beyond the darkness to haunt her days, she strives to remain sane until a string of events shreds the lies exposing reality. Regrettably, her parents know more about her troubles than she realized, and Alexcia is determined to find the answers.

Can Tevin ignore the emotions tainting his decisions long enough to keep Alexcia safe or will the answers she seeks jeopardize everything he has tried to protect for the last ten years… her life?

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"There is no protection from the Unseen."

So Shall I Reap - Book One The Unseen Series


There is no protection from the Unseen.

Las Vegas, Nevada can’t contain Alexcia Crystalline Stasis, who is living the ideal teenager’s dream as the school’s elite socialite. That is, until a fatal car accident changes everything. Now Alexcia’s emotions are on the verge of combusting. As if mourning the loss of her boyfriend isn’t enough, she is also dealing with extreme night terrors that leave her wondering if she just might need to be fitted for a straightjacket.
Tevin isn’t your normal daemon. He’s the leader of his clan, and he also happens to be a very active Grim Reaper. He never wanted to be charged with babysitting the one girl who can sway Creation’s Balance. Tevin has known and kept Alexcia safe most of her life. Now that he has to become even more personally involved in her protection, Tevin finds himself having a hard time separating his sworn duty and pure curiosity. What does make Alexcia tick?
Will Tevin be able to keep Alexcia safe from the Unseen? And will Alexcia’s emotions eventually help Tevin attempt to understand what being human is all about? Or will the entities and assassins’ of the Unseen get what they want
… her dead.

Second edition now available in print and eBook.

Summer, 2019.

Reader Reviews

Review by: Jenny Bynum on Oct. 11, 2017 : 

I loved this book the first time it was published and I still love it even though it has been re-released.

The characters were phenomenal. The fight that Alexcia put up within herself kept me turning each magical page. I also loved the battle that Tevin faced during this story too. Both characters are strong willed and I believe that there is a link between them that will become stronger and that something magical will happen. I felt a connection with these characters.

Read her full review here: http://blackwords-whitepages1977.blogspot.com/2017/10/review-so-shall-i-reap-by-kathy-lynn.html

By Melanie Rodriguez

What's worse is that Alexcia is danger prone

March 18, 2018

Tevin is an Ashen, a grim reaper in our terms, who encounters a girl by the name of Alexcia and learns quickly about the significance her existence carries, a "Child of Balance." They are powerful on their own, but naturally, Alexcia is an even more special version of one. Not only does he then get roped into watching and protecting her, but he feels something he didn't realize he could feel the more time he spends doing the duty: a semblance of humanity. What's worse is that Alexcia is danger prone, therefore making Tevin believe that he is truly the world's most irritated baby-sitter.


This novel hit all of the right notes from sarcasm, wit, sadness, and several bits of happiness. Alexcia's character is danger prone, yes, but you can see that even she can take responsibility when the time comes for it (for example, coming clean to her deceased boyfriend's parents at his funeral). She is like any teen that is acting out in a way, but also trying to move through life her own way. What I enjoyed most is Tevin's moments of feeling human, as it were. While irritation and envy seem to be normal for the Ashen, it is interesting to see jealousy and such as well. What Alexcia goes through after the crash too is quite relatable; the emotion of why me, I was responsible for this, and so on is masterfully done for the reader to feel it all.

This was a very quick read for me and I'm excited that the second one was just released. I look forward to seeing how Tevin and Alexcia continue their fate entwined paths together.




Review by Maribel @ Platypire Reviews

June, 26 2015



I want to start off by stating that the prose in this story is absolutely phenomenal. It's been a while since I last read a story where the words blend together beautifully and vividly make you visualize and even imagine what something sounds like. For example, this is a passage that jumped out at me while I was reading:

"Taking another deep drag, I let the smoke dance inside my mouth for a while. It flowed in and out, nice and slow, with the smell of nicotine lingering like a presence.

An ambulance screamed as it came closer, its sirens blaring in a shrill panic."

You go from one thing that sounds smooth and even and then you read something that jars you from that easy flow and I just love that. To me, as a reader, that is something that makes reading interactive and makes me want to read more of the story because the prose makes me feel and experience the events and surroundings. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself at all, but I'm going with it. And that quote is just at the 3% mark.

Now, if we are talking about characters, Alexcia is not a favorite of mine, which is odd since the protagonists are usually my favorites. I have to side with Tevin and say she is reckless with her life and constantly puts herself in harm's way, whether it's on purpose or accidentally still remains to be seen. The reapers are interesting characters, and I specifically want to know more about their world, and more about Alexcia's dad, Max, and Tevin.

The reason this book is not receiving 5/5 platypires is because I was a little confused at the beginning when it was Alexcia's POV. There were some scenes where I could not tell if she was remembering something, like a flashback, or if it was the story being told in real time. If it was just one or two scenes, I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but it happened more than a couple of times at the start of the story. But, other than that, I really enjoyed reading So Shall I Reap and I look forward to the sequel whenever it becomes available. So Shall I Reap gets 4/5 Platypires!



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