I DON'T LIKE DOLLS... Worse nightmare ever I was wondering around an old house and found a clown marionette. I under covered it and roaches came out of its mouth. Yeah, no, dolls are a NO, NO.

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A Reapful About Me

I was born in Pomona, California, and I lived there for twelve years. A few years later my family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I reside today. My recent work was inspired by the backdrop of Sin City. To this day, I use my English professor’s advice and write a little about what I know, and then add it to my writing.
I wasn’t always a writer. In 2008, when my niece was hospitalized, I decided to do something special and wrote a short tale for her to read. After consuming it in a single day, my niece and some of the nurses, in the pediatrics wing, asked, “What’s next?” I was at a turning point in my life, and this opened up a new chapter. I knew then I wanted to write but also to strive to be something different by becoming a Storyweaver. I love the color red (Coca-Cola red) and obsessively use it in everything, including my bottle-blond hair accented with red highlights. As a pastime, I love to bake and dabble in cake decorating—that is when my fingers are not busy writing mayhem. My favorite pass time is spent on rainy days, when I can sit in my PJ’s, wrapped up in a Coca-Cola blanket, with a cup of coffee and a good book. But, when I need to step away from my writing, I'll spend time with my husband of twenty-one years, our two kids, three cats, and our sixteen-year-old, dog, Shelby.

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Music is a huge part of my writing. It allows me to connect with my characters and disconnect with my surrounding. Most of my characters have their own playlist.

The next time you see me at a Book Con, tell me a Reaper Joke. It just might win you some swag.